Ticket FAQ

Ticket FAQ

What do I need tickets for?

  1. Friday October 7 – At the Hemi Hideout there is a per-person admission charge of $10.

  2. Saturday October 8 – The City Meet + Show requires a parking pass ticket to park in the show area. There is NO additional parking fee. There is NO per-person charge for driver, passengers, or spectators.

  3. If you were NOT able to purchase a parking pass ticket online, a very limited number of tickets will be available on event day at the gate. When they run out, they run out.

Where can I park for the CITY MEET?

  1. MOPAR Parking Pass holders will park in the LSMF area at POST HTX.

  2. Spectators can park at POST HTX, outside the show area, space permitting. Normal POST HTX parking rates apply.

  3. Spectators can park in the other surface lots that surround POST HTX, parking rates apply.

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