Our Tenth Year

Last year was the beginning of a new chapter for LSMF. We always strive to deliver an enthusiast-focused atmosphere and experience. The atmosphere and vibe is unlike any other they experience. We keep those comments top of mind when making any decisions about LSMF.

Stay Notified

We have done away with our email updates and moved to text updates. You are able to text us and we text you back. To get on our FAST-N-FIRST update system, text LSMF to 713-929-2980.


Houston Raceway Park

We are excited to call Houston Raceway Park home for a second year.


Modern Street Hemi Shootout

The best race format for Mopar-related vehicles returns for 2020 on Houston Raceway’s top-notch racing surface.


Fun Pass Racers

Casual racers, we heard you! For 2020 we will make sure there are dedicated times during the race day for those who choose to make Fun Passes.


Ticket Structure

We have a per-person ticket structure with aligns with how most guests are accustomed to purchasing tickets for a movie, concert, or other race events. Our ticket structure gives guests options. Some of guests have no desire to show or race, they just want to come and be a spectator while others want to participate.

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