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Admission, Show, Race tickets are available online or at the gate. Read about what ticket type you need. Save $5 and purchase online.

Hotel Info

Friday Night Lights and the Prize Bash are at the host hotel. If you’re local to Houston, be sure to stop by. If you are from out of town, remember to book a room, while there is still room.



Host Hotel 9/12/19

Second Hotel 9/20/19

Spread the Word

Help spread the word about LSMF. Fill out this form and we’ll send you some invite cards to share with your fellow owners.

We Love Clubs

Are you a club/organization leader? As such, we know YOU are the person we need to get important group information to. So, help us do that by letting us know you are out there.

Give A Shift

It takes volunteers to pull this off. If you’re able to give ONE hour of time to help make this event great, we would love to have you. Check out the volunteer team list and sign up.

Event Gear

Our event shirt is a very special collab with Mopar Dodge Motorsports and Pennzoil. Get yours on event weekend.


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