Ticket FAQ

Ticket FAQ

Everyone needs a ticket… so which one?

1. There are two types of tickets. General Admission and VIP. All tickets are “per person”.

2. If you are a MOPAR and want to participate in the Show-N-Shine, or just park with your friends that are, the driver needs a VIP ticket. There is no additional charge to be in the show. If you are a NO CAR you can be VIP and park in the grass lot on the VIP side.

3. If you want to race, the driver need a VIP Fun Run or VIP MSHS ticket. That’s right, the Modern Street HEMI Shootout is coming to Texas along with its $13k in payouts.

4. Passengers do NOT need VIP.

5. Only VIP tickets will have access to the Starting Line Grandstand areas and Tower Club. The east grandstand is open to all.

6. If you want to upgrade to VIP you can do so on-site.

7. If you have an Early Bird (Eventbrite) ticket for admission or racing the driver will be VIP and passengers General Admission.

8. Some maybe eligible for FREE General Admission tickets. See the Common Questions section below.

Tickets are available online. Save $5 off at-the-gate prices.



Q: What do I need tickets for?

A: The Hemi Hideout and the Show/Race on Saturday. All tickets are PER PERSON. Friday Night Lights and the Prize Bash are free.

Q: I just want to be a spectator, I have no plans to show or race, can I come?

A: Yes! The General Admission ticket is just for you. If you qualify for one of our free admission options, then just show up at ticket booth on event day.

    • Children 12 & Under
    • First Responder (with ID)
    • Military (with ID)

Q: I plan to show my car and have a couple passengers. What ticket do I need?

A: The driver will need a VIP ticket. The passengers can have a General Admission ticket. Keep in mind, only the driver will have access to the additional VIP areas.

Q: What does a VIP ticket get me?

A: You’ll enter into VIP parking through Gate #1. Have access to the VIP Starting Line Grandstands, and access to the VIP Tower Club (air conditioned seating/dining area, restrooms, and cash bar).

Q: I purchased a 2019 Early Bird ticket, what does that get me?

A: You are one of the lucky ones. Early Bird tickets give the Driver VIP and Passengers General Admission. You enter through Gate 1 and park on the VIP side.

Q: I’m not 100% I can make it, can I buy my Saturday tickets at the track?

A: Yes. You save $5 buying online.

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