LONE STAR MOPAR FEST cannot happen without the team of volunteers that help host the activities, from the Hemi Hideout all the way to the Prize Bash.

It’s great to see our long-time volunteers and first-time volunteers working together!

Each area is lead by a qualified Team Lead. Many of them have been with LSMF since the first one.

Here is a quick list of the teams and what they do:

  • EVENT HQ – This is where guests come with questions, to pick up merch, grab a Show-N-Shine entry, etc
  • FRONT GATE – Verify RSVPs for the Hemi Hideout
  • PARKING – Assist drivers with alignment and layout in the different parking areas (Show, Display, Non-Mopar)
  • PRIZE BASH BINGO SUPPORT – Assist with gameplay and prize selection
  • RACE PROGRAM SUPPORT – Assist the Modern Street Hemi Shootout and Houston Raceway Park teams
  • ROVER FILL-IN – Be ready to fill-in on any team that may need extra help
  • SETUP – Assist with load in and setup of cases and equipment
  • SHOW-N-SHINE SUPPORT – Assist with the handout, collection, counting, and awards for the SNS
  • STAFF CHECK IN – Help volunteers find their assignments, locations, equipment (vests, radios, etc), and hospitality
  • TEARDOWN – Assist with load out of cases, equipment, and quick trash pick up
  • VENDOR SUPPORT – Assist vendors in finding their locations, where to park non-display vehicles, hospitality, and questions
  • VIP & HOSPITALITY – Assist with our guest VIP Experience & Volunteer Hospitality
  • VIP/PARTICIPANT GATE #1 – Guide drivers at Gate 1 to the Show, Display, and Non-Mopar areas of Pit Side Parking

Jump over to our volunteer form and sign up for a time/team that fits you.

Have questions about volunteering or what team would fit you?

Already on the team? Stay updated via the Telegram app.

Vehicles for the 2019 LSMF Mopar M will be selected from volunteers. Read more here.


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