City Meet Car Show

SHOW IS FREE TO CITY MEET TICKET (PARKING PASS) HOLDERS The 2022 City Meet Show is what we call a HYBRID show.   We know that owners who enter car shows have their own taste and style. We want to access that experience. Each participant will be asked to nominate ONE vehicle in each of […]

Ticket FAQ

Ticket FAQ

What do I need tickets for? Friday October 7 – At the Hemi Hideout there is a per-person admission charge of $10. Saturday October 8 – The City Meet + Show requires a parking pass ticket to park in the show area. There is NO additional parking fee. There is NO per-person charge for driver, […]

What to expect at POST Houston

POST HOUSTON 401 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77201   1. Gate 1 opens at 10:00am. We encourage you to stagger your arrival times between 10:00am and 11:30am.   2. Clubs and groups, if you want to park together we encourage you to enter together. Find a rally point near POST Houston, gather, then roll in […]

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