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MSHS Format | Fun Runs

You want to race, we have options….  Make a few FUN RUNS or compete in the MODERN STREET HEMI SHOOTOUT.

“The Modern Street HEMI Shootout is beyond honored and excited to bring our racing program to one of the best late model Mopar events in the world. We will seamlessly bring competitive racing to an already elite event in the hopes of bringing even more fun to LSMF.”

– Dan, MSHS Founder


“We are excited to have MSHS as a partner with Lone Star Mopar Fest. It’s something we’ve been working on for several years. Houston Raceway Park is a fantastic facility that’s held everything from demolition drag racing to full NHRA events. We look forward to running the full MSHS program, classes, and track conditions that racecars expect.”

– Rob, LSMF Lead Team


Racing Format

Race Classes and Run Order:

  • Bracket (Dial In)
  • Super Pro (Heads Up)
  • Pro (9.50 index)
  • Demon Class (Heads Up)
  • Hellcat (10.00 index)
  • Modified (10.50 index)
  • Super Stock (11.50 index)
  • Street (12.50 index)
  • Fun Runs

 **KING OF THE HILL (dial in run off of all the class winners to declare event champion)

PAYOUT INFO: hemirace.com/featured/2019-mshs-event-payouts/


Modern Street HEMI Shootout Condensed Guidelines:

  • Entry Fee includes 2 race classes, bracket and any other class.
  • All classes run on a .500 PRO TREE except Super Pro which is a .400 PRO TREE.
  • Courtesy Staging enforced.
  • All classes are all qualified field and run on a PRO LADDER.
  • 2 qualifiers which may be reduced to 1 for time constraints.
  • Fun Runs will yield to other classes for time constraints.
  • Drivers completely eliminated from competition may join “fun runs”.


Condensed Class Rules for Reference:

**All classes require Gen3 HEMI or Pentastar V6.

Super Pro

  • Heads up.
  • Forced induction min weight 3500.
  • Nitrous only cars min weight 3400.
  • Naturally aspirated cars have no min weight.

Demon Class

  • Heads up.
  • Stock calibration only.
  • Tire/wheel change allowed.
  • Weight reduction allowed with min weight with driver being 4280 lbs.
  • No other mods allowed.

**Demons that are modded can run in 9.50 or Super Pro class.

Hellcat Class

  • Trackhawks and Redeyes permitted in this class.
  • 10.00 Index

**Hellcat, Trackhawk and Redeye vehicles that want to go quicker than 10.0 may compete in 9.50 or Super Pro.

All Other Classes

  • No class specific considerations.



See the MSHS Payouts at LSMF


In Case of Any Typos, Rules Outlined on MSHS Site Are Final: 





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