What to expect at POST Houston

POST HOUSTON 401 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77201


1. Gate 1 opens at 10:00am. We encourage you to stagger your arrival times between 10:00am and 11:30am.


2. Clubs and groups, if you want to park together we encourage you to enter together. Find a rally point near POST Houston, gather, then roll in together.


3. Have your printed or e-ticket ready. This will assist with getting you through the front gate as quick as possible.


4. All Non-MOPAR and Non-TICKETED* vehicles will be directed to spectator parking.


5. POST Houston is an amazing facility. POST Market has incredible food options. The Skylawn has an awesome view of downtown. You’ll also find the best restrooms LSMF has ever had.


6. If you are participating in the Car Show, entries are due by 12:00pm. Fill yours out online, ahead of time.


7. Have questions about the event, visit the EVENT HQ tent where we will have answers.


8. Get updates via text, send LSMF to 713-929-2980.



* Capacity permitting, we’ll have a limited number of tickets available on event day for MOPAR vehicles.


Updated: September 29, 2022

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